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He analyzes and integrates a broad range of sources. This analysis shows that the history of astrology—in particular, the story of the protracted criticism and ultimate removal of astrology from the realm of legitimate knowledge and practice—is crucial for fully understanding the transition from premodern Aristotelian-Ptolemaic natural philosophy to modern Newtonian science.

Skip to main content Skip to table of contents. Advertisement Hide. Front Matter Pages i-lxxxix. Front Matter Pages Ligamentum naturalis philosophiae et metaphysicae: Astrology and Aristotelian Natural Philosophy. Pages Opera et verba sapientiae: Astrology and Magic in Roger Bacon.

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Disciplinary Configurations: Astrology and the Mathematical Disciplines. This, however, is just a Roman copy of the Greek original by Sosus, now lost, that once adorned a royal? This is another section that gives you an idea of its scale. An excellent site from the University of Virginia with specially written pages on various aspects of Classical medicine.

Roman copy of a Hellenistic Greek statue showing Atlas holding up the globe of the heavens which has the signs on the zodiac sculpted on it. This cosmological mosaic discovered in the region of Zaghouan shows the gods of the seven days of the week and the signs of the zodiac.

Good on-line resource still being developed and what there is so far is useful and informative about various areas of Greek and Roman technology. Detailed website about Archimedes, one of the greatest Greek mathematicians and an inventor, physicist and astronomer. Explains many of his theories visually. Book II Teacher's Guide.

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Medicine or Astrology? Exercise 1. Cultural Background. NOTE: These links will appear in a new window. CSCP is not responsible for the content of external sites.

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It's a Mouse! Roman Medicine 1. Roman Medicine 2. The webpage includes a list of plants that the Romans used for medicinal purposes. Roman Medicine 3. Roman Medicine 4: real surgical instruments. Roman Medicine 5: doctor, doctor.

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A series of quotes from classical authors revealing the ancient distrust of doctors. Hippocratic Oath. Modern doctors still adhere to these principles set down by the Greek doctor Hippocrates. Ancient Astrology.