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January 27, Entertainment 3 Views. Take a look at the horoscope today, Sunday, January 27, Thanks to Jhan Sandoval and his tarot cards, you will learn how to walk in love, health, work, and money according to your zodiac sign. You only have to enter your day and birth month in the following list to find out how to see the future according to your zodiac sign:. Distribute Spend your time between a social event with a person you care about and address family situations that need to be resolved.

You will manage to fulfill all your activities. You start to shine and your attractiveness is favored, but it is likely that you will miss a person from the past and that despite this sensation Create confusion. Moment of union. It would be difficult for you to make decisions at the sentimental level, and it is time to honestly judge what you are preventing new commitments from taking over A time in solitude will be profitable.

You would be carried away by temporary circumstances that do not allow your side to become more involved. It is possible that you are acting against your emotional nature by avoiding involvement. In this case, bold individualism and naked ambition have a behind-the-curtain puppet master pulling their strings. Be aware of who might be secretly influencing you — or who you might be manipulating.

Loquacious Mercury enters silent Pisces on February 25, giving the planet of graceful speech two and a half weeks of quiet introspection. Use the time to sink deeply into poetry, dream work, nostalgia, and intuition. Most people will choose the blue pill because this New Moon conjunct Neptune, the sleepy blue giant, concludes that ignorance is bliss. The red planet Mars, conjoined to Uranus the rebel, blows reveille, inciting the charge against the plutocrats.

This could make for an outrageous celebration on Fat Tuesday! Moon conjunct Venus in Aries lowers inhibitions and promotes an exciting, fast-moving intimacy. Mars and Uranus urge you to try something new. And the Sun and Neptune, only a degree apart in Pisces, create a blurry haze on this feast day.

Revelation of the cards & meaning of this oracle card reading:

This combination can crank up the usual wild atmosphere typical of a modern Mardi Gras bacchanal. Even for stay-at-home types, the crescent Moon in adventurous Aries might lure you into the night. Joy works as a reader at Isis Books. Your email address will not be published.

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Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Join our Gen R community and learn about workshops and events that regenerate your mind, body, and spirit. Used by permission. Joy Vernon. About The Author. Related Posts. Leave a reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. They can succeed brilliantly in music, especially signing. They are good at directing, acting and producing. They are willing to work behind the scenes. They are natural humanitarians and are very service-oriented.

They also can be assistants. Dynamic and progressive. Leas spiritual concern than many Kings of Clubs. Like big, thriving businesses, very ambitious: can buy or sell anything for significant concerns and covering the big field. Popular: free spenders, and make money quickly. They get along well with men.

They are not lazy and take an active part in any activities around them. Successful in publishing and compiling the information for wide circulation.

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They can paint and usually gifted in the arts. They love to act in the theatre. They have bright, scientific minds. You have good organizational talent and manage money well.

You love to work and enjoy whatever you do. You have strong likes and dislikes about values, money, philosophies, and life. You love to travel and you need to choose your profession wisely to have the ability to travel.

AQUARIUS - January 21st to January 27th Weekly General & Love Tarot Reading (2019)

You work too hard and the enjoyment of work comes as a reward. Both interested in living comfortably. A strong love for home as well as business. Aries must guard against selfishness and domination of willpower. Taurus watch out for possessiveness and greed.

Daily Tarot Card of the Day for January 27, 12222

Usually well content with home and work. Often promoted or exploited. Work well with the ground. Lovers of art, but usually not performers. They can succeed in music, can paint. They have exceptional wiring abilities. More gifted in art, music, and drama that other Taurus birthday. They are ethical, and they are meticulous about the ethics of others. They have a good sense of humor. Comfortable and friendly people to work with. Make good educators, judges, philosophers, and writers.

More inclined to art than many Gemini. They are good writers, teachers, lawyers, interpreters, and statisticians. They know how to commercialize their knowledge. They are not the most gifted but they usually hard working and make the right connections to get a good education and a good career. They are more curious that spiritual.

Restless and changeable, and they are very calculating.

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  7. Men love to select women from high society, with money, often older than they are, and they are open to having a strong-willed woman who likes to tell her mind. Women who are born on June 17 are usually pleasure looking and opportunistic. These are awe-inspiring people. They want to achieve the highest goals. They have great respect for public opinion, and careful to build their reputation.