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Scorpio Horoscope - Major Life Changes to expect!

Truth becomes problematic only when it is forced to go underground. So, today you need to speak out about whatever you are hiding or misrepresenting. You may feel somewhat apprehensive about talking about this, but the truth will really set you free. You have let your secret fester for too long and it is now time to bring everything out in the open and watch for an honest reaction.

You are going to be quite surprised at the reaction that your partner is likely to have to your revelations.

Scorpio - Scorpio Love Horoscope & Compatibility

You will come to understand how much you have underestimated the feelings and commitment that your partner has towards you. You were apprehensive that your partner is going to be angry or disappointed or even shocked at what you have to say. But when you actually say it, you will find only one emotion. Your partner is going to be overwhelmingly concerned with your emotional well being. This will help you to take your relationship to a deeper level.

Patience is your most valuable weapon, especially at work. Instead, you are enjoying stability in love and health-wise, but you should try not to waste money.

In love, everything stagnates because you are investing all your energy at work. Only after the 15th, Venus gives you more appetite to love.

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You are completely immersed in work, and the passion you dedicate yourself to work will be rewarded accordingly. Mars brings impulsivity and even aggressiveness in love, so you risk some heated arguments with your partner or adultery, which you may regret afterward. You need a lot of caution to refrain your instincts.

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At work, you may face difficulties in concluding contracts and during negotiations. You are prone to get hurt, to accidents or to a manifestation of some chronic diseases! June is going to be a very demanding month at work.


You will get involved in new projects, you will want to make daring transactions and even some loans in order to start something new that could bring you profit. You enjoy a lot of creativity, but you tend to work more than you are able to. Be careful with your health!

The stars can encourage you to rest more, to dedicate your time to introspection and to listen carefully to your own thoughts. At work, the second half of the month can be scattered with conflicts.

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Fortunately, a prolific and rewarding period is predicted in your personal life. The couple life may be disrupted by everyday issues or unsaid frustrations, disappointments, sadness or coldness in the relationship. You are recuperating ground at work, where Mars brings you praise, honor, recognition, and possible promotions. Try not to exaggerate spending money and take care of your health, which is rather fragile.

Your Daily Horoscope for Friday, September 13:

You are attracted by mystery more than ever, which delights you until a point. Be careful not to lose contact with the reality and to focus your sexual energy in pertinent direction otherwise, you might suffer. The Scorpio natives will be really surprised by how rational and logical they become in love. Usually, as instinctual people, the Scorpio natives discover an interest in communicating with their partners, the need to socialize and to evolve.

The single natives are going to have a new fervor in finding a partner, leaving any excessive pretensions in the past. You will be overwhelmed by possessiveness, selfishness, and skepticism in your relationship. Therefore, you will provoke some real drama, strong emotional charges, and changes that could radically change your future.