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Then, pleasure planet Venus does the same on Thursday, August 8. Last month might've left you wondering if your summer fling was something more serious, but all this harmonious energy will have you feeling happy, calm, and secure in your romantic partnerships , which is a change of pace for you.


Enjoy it. On Sunday, August 11 , Jupiter goes direct in its home sign of Sagittarius. Now is a great time to book last-minute summer travel. Use that impulsive nature of yours to jump on a plane and head somewhere outrageous. Messenger planet Mercury enters Leo on the same day, encouraging bold communication. Tell your coworkers and friends that you just had to get away and log off if at all possible.

Eccentric planet Uranus goes retrograde on that same day, so if you do take the leap and travel during this time or even just during your commute , this transit asks you to do a bit of soul-searching. Put on some ambient music and take out your journal — you'll likely have some important thoughts to work out. There is a full moon in quirky Aquarius on Thursday, August Like Aquarius, you also love creative and intellectual conversations, and the water bearer can bring out your humanitarian side.

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Full moons are rich with manifestation power, so if there's a professional or creative project you've been waiting to launch, today is the day. While you love attention, you don't have the patience for rigid or overly critical feedback. Warrior planet Mars enters detail-oriented Virgo on Saturday, August This transit is beneficial for acts of service and can act as a cosmic push. Thicken up your skin and your professional projects will be in pristine shape. The past few weeks have been beneficial to your love life, but you'll need to cultivate a bit of toughness at home when Venus also enters Virgo on Wednesday, August During this time your partner may be critical, nitpicky, and ask for more commitment than you're ready for.

Virgo season begins on Friday, August The good news is that you and Virgo share a ruling planet, Mercury, which enters Virgo on Thursday, August You love to talk, and during this time of self-expression, you'll find getting your thoughts out is easier than usual. The idol of the Lord is carried only by the Harijans of Kaliyur who have the preferential right to carry the Lord. It is to be remembered that Acharya Ramanujam was one of the earliest religious leaders in the country to integrate the Harijans into the Vaishnavite fold.

After arriving at Iyengar Kulam, the Lord is given a ceremonial bath in the kulam and then taken back to Kaliyur. This ritual was started to create an opportunity to interact with the Iyengar Brahmins of Kancheepuram and other neighbouring villages to get to know them. Most of the marriages and alliances were settled between the Iyengar families during this interaction.

For small endogamous families, living in isolation, it was necessary to create situations to exchange information about the boys and girls of marriageable age in order to make suitable marriage alliances. Today out of twenty houses in Kaliyur Agraharam the Brahmin street , only six or seven houses are occupied and the remaining are kept locked. However, every year during the month of April, on the day of Chittirai Revathi, the birth star of Lord Vishnu, Kaliyur Iyengars from all over the world gather in the village to celebrate the annual festival.

Till , there were about twenty families of renowned astrologers living in Kalilyur. Today most of them have moved to Tirupathi, Kancheepuram, Nasrathpet, Thiruneermalai and other temple towns. The Kaliyur priests are posted in a system of circulation and rotation to serve in these temples. This system is adopted to break the monotony of the work as well as to show equal treatment to all. The allocation of duties was earlier done by the Jeer of the Kaliyur Mutt. Kaliyur is also linked with Sholinganallur Narasimha Temple which is mainly managed by the Tengalai Iyengars.

Sholinganallur is famous for its Girivalam walk around the holy hill. Every Sunday during the sacred month of Karthigai, a large number of devotees perform the Girivalam. Sholinganallur is also famous as a centre for psychotherapy for women suffering from mental disorders. Around a small pond, they lie on the rocks in wet clothes. This is believed to be the most effective therapy for the victims of mental illness, witchcraft, and for the people possessed by evil spirits. Today Kaliyur Astrologers are known for their extraordinary and dynamic approach to the subject of astrology, which was initiated by Pandit Kaliyur Srinivasacharya.

Horoscope norja scorpio

He was responsible for spreading the fame of Kaliyur far and wide. He came from a family, which had practiced astrology for six generations. Kaliyur Srinivasachary Iyengar [Contents] Srinivasachary, had his early education at the village school and did not learn any astrology at all. He could not apply his mind to the subject due to adverse family circumstances.

His story is full of twists and turns.

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Originally belonging to a great family of astrologers and landlords the family fell on bad times due to litigating nature of his maternal grandfather with whom they were living. A very egoistic man, he would indulge in litigation, at the spur of the moment. Eventually, he lost all the family wealth in lawsuits and was declared a pauper. By the time Srinivasachary was sixteen, he had lost his father and the family had hardly anything to eat.

Eldest of half a dozen children, he was chased out of the house by his mother, every time he came home, to go and make a living outside. She herself made eating plates out of leaves and sold the day's labour for four annas twenty-five paisa to feed the family. He was young and raw and did not possess any skills, which would get him employment. At that time, a lawyer, called Kuppuswamy took pity on him.

Kuppuswamy, who belonged to the same village, had assisted the Diwan of Jodhpur in the matter of settling some disputed property belonging to the Maharaja of Jodhpur. The Diwan had asked Kuppuswamy to ask for a favour in return from the Maharaja. As luck would have it Kuppuswamy decided to redeem the favour from the Maharaja by asking him to give a job to the young Srinivasachary. He gave a letter to that effect, along with the train fare to reach Jodhpur, to Srinivasachary. Apart from being astrologers, the Kaliyur Iyengars also worked as cooks in the temples and prepared Prasadam for the Gods.

Hence Kuppuswamy decided to recommend the unskilled Srinivasachary for the post of a cook. However, destiny had planned it otherwise. But in the train Srinivasachary started crying bitterly at the prospect of becoming a cook. His father had been a great theoretical astrologer and had left a manuscript of the original astrological pramanas proof written by him.

Srinivasachary had remembered to carry this manuscript in his bag. While leaving home, he had also picked up another book belonging to his paternal grandfather titled 'Jyotish Chandrika' the light of astrology. He started reading these books on the train and in this way his astrological learning started during his long journey to Jodhpur in the year After reaching Jodhpur he went to the palace to see the Diwan.

Without opening his eyes and reading the letter from Kuppuswamy he asked Srinivasachary what he would like to do.

Srinivasachary was feeling ashamed to say that he wanted to be a cook, so he quickly said he would like to be a 'Pujari' a temple priest. The kind Diwan, still under the spell of meditation, gave instructions to post him as a Pujari in one of the many royal shrines. In this way, due to divine intervention, he escaped becoming a cook and instead became a temple priest.


This proved a turning point in his life and he started learning astrology in right earnest. Slowly, the people around started seeking his opinion on their horoscopes and asked him to read their palms. In this manner, by the word of mouth, his fame started spreading. The Maharaja made him the royal astrologer and soon he was invited by the high and mighty from other royal families outside Jodhpur.

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He was made the palace astrologer by the Maharaja of Indore and the Maharana of Mewar. He proved to be a rare spiritual leader and eminent astrologer by his outstanding personality and the unique approach to the subject.


At this juncture he took leave of the royal family for three months to try his astrological skills with the common man. He toured the whole of North India, sitting under the trees and attracting clients. With the grace of God, wherever he went, his predictions came true and his fame kept growing.

In one place, a local Don wanted him to come to his house and read horoscopes of his family members. Srinivasachary refused to go and sent word that the family should come and see him. Eventually, the Don swallowed his pride and landed up where Srinivasachary was sitting under a tree.