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The moon is divided into 4 cycles, completed in As its very name suggests, the New Moon is a time to radicalize, renew and feel energized for the next phases to come. Always been brunette and now you want to be a redhead? So treat yourself. Inside and out, this is a time of renewal.

In addition, the phase is especially interesting for those who need to strengthen the hair locks or recover from a procedure that caused damage to them. Cutting and treating hair during New Moon will allow them to grow stronger and healthier. Dyes, cuts and hairstyles tend to last longer in this lunar cycle, and your hair will be more resistant to more aggressive chemicals.

But be careful. Do not abuse this resistance. Do not attempt complex home procedures such as discoloration and straightening.

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Always look for a good professional to make you even more beautiful. Again related to its own name, the meaning of the First Quarter is valuable to anyone who wants to make their hair grow faster. This is the best moon of the Haircut calendar to cut hair for the purpose of strengthening.

Take advantage of this phase to maintain your cut, short, medium or long. During this time, the roots get stronger, the hair grows quickly and gets brighter. It is also believed that because hair grows faster this can also thin the hair. If you choose to follow this belief, it may be interesting to use the First Quarter as a time to get rid of poorly made chemicals, stretches that have already lost shape — and grace — and take care of the nutrition of the strands. For many people, this is the best haircut moon. In , you should prioritize it if you want a bulkier, fuller, more lively look — even if you grow slower.

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  • People with thinning thin hair feel the benefits of this period. Remember that during the Full Moon , people tend to feel more emotional, and feelings of impulsiveness become part of the routine. So hold on to the excitement when you dare. It is very common for people who radicalize their look during the full moon to regret it later.

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    Think carefully and, if you find it convenient, ask others for their opinion before going out with scissors or painting the strands a very difficult color to reverse. Invest in more elaborate hydration, nutrition, and reconstructive treatments, as the effects often intensify during this phase of the Haircut calendar Another phase of renewal, the Last Quarter is suitable for people who suffer from thinning hair or sensitized hair — whether due to chemicals or vitamin deficiency.

    A cut at this stage favors the elimination of weakened yarns and makes room for the growth of stronger and healthier yarns. Despite its strengthening, the Last Quarter makes your hair grow thinner and slower. Therefore, nothing better than devoting nutrition and hydration to the hair and scalp. As per the Scorpio Career Horoscope, since Saturn is present in your Third House House of Siblings, Gallantry, and Travels , it will inspire you to go beyond your comfort zone in order to get what is best for your professional growth and success.

    As stated by Scorpio Career Horoscope , from the month of April to June , Jupiter and Saturn conjunction in the Third House House of Siblings, gallantry, and Travels will make you go on short distance traveling related to work which will add more feathers to your professional success.

    You will get new job opportunities as a result of the transit of Mars. There are good chances of getting a promotion as well during this time period. As predicted by Scorpio Career Horoscope, from the month of March to May , you will remain high on energy in order to get the desired results related to your career.

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    As a result, you will be blessed with power and authority at your workplace that you have been dreaming about for a while now. If you are in politics or associated with the career stream, you will be able to do extremely well in your field.

    Moon Phases 12222 – Lunar Calendar for Calgary, Alberta, Canada

    There are good chances that you will get a Government job during this period of time in case you have been trying for one. As per the Scorpio Career Horoscope , the presence of Jupiter in your Second House will help you in getting the support of your colleagues and boss at the workplace which will become a keynote for your professional accomplishment and growth.

    According to the Scorpio Family Horoscope, children may remain a matter of concern for you in The health of your children may remain on the lower side from 30 th March to 30 th June which may become a reason for your mental stress as per the Scorpio Family Horoscope. As stated by Scorpio Family Horoscope, you may feel a communication gap developing between your siblings and you. Avoid getting into any arguments with them especially from 11 th May to September as Saturn will be moving in the retrograde motion during this period of time as per the Scorpio Family Horoscope.

    The family environment and life will remain good during this year and the credit goes to the presence of Jupiter in your Second House House of Wealth and Family as per the Scorpio Family Horoscope predictions. There are chances of religious activities taking place in your family as Ketu will also be present in the Second House House of Wealth along with Jupiter.

    Your relationship with your spouse will be romantic and full of happiness, peace, and harmony as Saturn will be present in your Third House House of Siblings, gallantry, and Travels to make your life fulfilling this year according to Scorpio Marriage Horoscope. Take care of the health of your spouse especially during October and November as they may not keep well during this period of time. As stated by Scorpio Marriage Horoscope , you will also get an opportunity to travel to various religious places and pilgrimages during the month of February along with your life-partner.

    As a result of this transit, you will promise your commitment to the relationship with your lover. There are good chances that if you are already committed, then the preparation of marriage may start during this period of time. There are strong possibilities for you getting married during this time period.

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    You will feel a strong connection and attraction towards your spouse as well. This transit creates strong chances of love marriage for you during this period of time. As predicted by the Scorpio Love and Relationship Horoscope, those who are single may get into multiple relationships or may have more than one lover at the same time as Rahu will move into your Seventh House House of Marriage, Relationship and Business. So, Venus is favorable for finding a new relationship. If you are in a relationship then it will be a good period for you as you will spend some romantic time together.

    Therefore you will need to be extremely careful while you speak to your lover or partner; there are high possibilities that you might just land up hurting their feelings during this period of time as per the Scorpio Love and Relationship Horoscope September will not be a good month for those in a relationship as you may go through a break-up during this time due to the presence of Rahu in your Seventh House House of Marriage, Relationship and Business as stated by Scorpio Love and Relationship Horoscope According to the Scorpio Finance Horoscope, there will be a rise in your expenses related to a specific member of your family because of the transit of Mars in your Second House House of Wealth from 8 th February to 22 nd March Other expenses related to home or property is also on the card as a result of the conjunction between Saturn and Jupiter from 30 th March to 30 th June

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